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About Cantilever V Spring

Cantilever V Spring is also known as: Meander V Spring, V Spring, Elgiloy Cantilever Spring, Punch Finger Spring.

V-Spring is a cantilever beam geometry made from stainless steel or other alloys and is applied as a radial or axial compression energizer inside of U-Cup type seals. The V-Shape provides a moderate load over a wide deflection range and is used in dynamic and static applications. The V-spring is available in six standard sizes and can be ordered by the foot or cut and welded to specific diameters. Custom sizes and materials are also available.

Materials available include:

Stainless Steels
Platinum Iridium
Beryllium-copper tin plating
Elgiloy/Phynox to AMS5833. Also available compliant to NACE MR0175.
Hastelloy (grades C22, C276, C2000)

Cantilever V Spring Dimensional Data

The Cantilever V Spring chart below shows the standard dimensions of the Standard V Cantilever/Meander type springs. All dimensions are subject to standard manufacturing print tolerances. Those tolerances may be requested if needed. Each Cantilever V Spring is manufactured in its own standard tool & die set. If these dimensions do not work for your situation minor variations to “L “and “K” can be made with minor adjustments to our standard tooling.

However if you are needing more aggressive changes such as width of the raw material or radius dimensions we suggest you inquire about one of our 100 or more other nonstandard cross sections of V and U springs.

If you still are not finding the geometry you like, a unique tool set is also an option.

Cantilever V Spring Dimensions

Products List

V Springs / Cantilever Springs

V springs, also referred to as cantilever springs, Meander V springs, or punch finger springs have a V-shaped pattern that allows them to provide an even linear load over a wide deflection range and can be used in both static and slow to moderate dynamic motion applications. Our Cantilever V-springs are created in continuous lengths from 100 ft. to annual quantities exceeding 100,000 ft. We produce V-spring energizers in either Elgiloy® or Stainless Steel.

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